My Roadmap

CCDE Roadmap CCNA certification (complete) CCDA certification (complete) CCIP certification: training CTT-TAC MPLS Online bootcamp CTT-TAC QoS Online bootcamp tests 642-642 QoS 642-691 MPLS+BGP composite 642-892 Composite reading list MPLS and VPN architectures (Pepelnjak / Guichard) Routing TCP/IP volume 2 (Doyle / Carroll) Networkers presentations QoS (2007) CAC (Call Admission Control) (2007) CCDP certification: trainingContinue reading “My Roadmap”

CCDE Written Outline.. breaking it down.

The CCDE written, as published by Cisco, contains 5 major headings for study. 1. IP Routing. Note: no IPX or Appletalk or anything else. IPv6 basics is a subtopic under ‘generic routing and addressing concepts’ Other than that, no big surprises. I suppose we’ll be concentrating on best practices rather than odd, non-obvious configurations. 2.Continue reading “CCDE Written Outline.. breaking it down.”