CAA Test Results

As promised, I’ve been testing Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) with some Certificate Authorities and here’s what I found so far: Amazon Certificate Manager (ACM) It does not appear they honor the IODEF since I didn’t receive an email. Let’s Encrypt appears to also block issuance: Let’s Encrypt (using lego) 2018/12/29 16:44:30 Could not obtain certificatesContinue reading “CAA Test Results”

CCDE Written Outline Topic 5 : Security

Topic 5 : Security is not fleshed out as far as the other four topics, so I thought I would tackle it first. Explain the impact of security availability design in the characteristics of a network.What does this mean? Let’s dig into the subtopics and see if we can find an explanation. OOB Access –Continue reading “CCDE Written Outline Topic 5 : Security”