Fast Convergence Techniques

In reading the SRND on router access layer there are a few key takeaways.On page 5 it says: “Cisco recommends a routed network core in all cases.” Let’s examine the reasoning behind this statement. First of all, what’s the alternative? You can have a layer-2 core where your devices simply switch frames at layer-2. ThinkContinue reading “Fast Convergence Techniques”

IP Routing: Aggregation Concepts and Techniques

Purpose of route aggregation Scalability and fault isolation How to Aggregate What is the purpose of route aggregation? We aggregate routes to decrease the sizes of our routing tables, hide information, and decrease convergence times. The boundary device – ASBR / ABR / whatever – will use a route summarization technique to aggregate prefixes towardsContinue reading “IP Routing: Aggregation Concepts and Techniques”