What is the issue with re-marking and OoO packets?

This question, taken from the CCDE Written Outline, taught me something new. Since that’s the purpose of any certification, I welcome these interesting, if somewhat vague, questions. The main issue with re-marking and Out-of-Order packets can be found in RFC3819: (aka BCP89) “reordering does come at a cost with TCP as it is currently defined.Continue reading “What is the issue with re-marking and OoO packets?”

Took the CCDE Practical Exam Today

14 people in Chicago and 14 people in London took the test today. First impressions: 1. It’s very, very difficult2. I don’t think it’s “impossible” However, I will caveat this with – I don’t really think I have a chance at passing. In all, I had fun taking it. I’m mostly relieved to have hadContinue reading “Took the CCDE Practical Exam Today”