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Hi everyone, I’m finally back home after a week without Internet access. I’ve received a lot of comments & emails that deserve replies and/or posts. I’ll be working to address these issues shortly. Bear with me please as I recover from jetlag.

Book Review: Definitive MPLS Network Designs

I have access to safari books through my employer, so I’ll be doing some brief reviews of each book to determine whether or not I’ll be buying it for further study. The first of this series is Definitive MPLS Network Designs. The book contains several case studies that will be helpful in studying for theContinue reading “Book Review: Definitive MPLS Network Designs”

MPLS ATOM Interworking – Ethernet and IP Interworking is the capability of L2TPv3 to change encapsulations between CE devices. The transport on one CE device can be translated to another transport. An example of this would be Frame Relay to Ethernet over an MPLS cloud. Key points: Ethernet Interworking can be used with IP andContinue reading