NMS Topic : NetFlow

NetFlow began its life as a routing technique similar to Fast Switching or CEF. It has since evolved to become a useful accounting technology. Cisco NetFlow consists of three components: Network traffic analysis and collection (performed on a network element) Flow record export (network device sends the records to a ‘collector’) Flow analysis (automated orContinue reading “NMS Topic : NetFlow”

CCDE Written Outline Topic 4 : CMIP and TMN

A few notes from the Written Outline Topic of Management: “Identify when use of CMIP is appropriate” CMIP stands for Common Management Information Protocol and was designed for OSI-based network management. It was designed as a competitor to SNMP and supports the following: The ability to perform tasks – as opposed to SNMP which canContinue reading “CCDE Written Outline Topic 4 : CMIP and TMN”

CCO Documentation?

CCO contains a wealth of information for those preparing for the CCIE exam. Unfortunately, that same information is not necessarily good preparation for the CCDE exam. The CCDE won’t be testing your CLI skills, or even your Cisco feature implementation skills. No, the CCDE claims to test timeless network design skills, which requires something different.Continue reading “CCO Documentation?”