How I Read Kindle Books (for free)

A few years ago I read a medium post where the author describes how she reads so much. A big part of her strategy was to use her Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The device is dedicated to reading (no other apps to distract you), has a great backlit screen, and can be held in almost any direction while continuing to read. One of the issues with this approach was how to get books to read on the device without breaking the bank. Here’s my technique which has allowed me to read almost anything I want.

  • Get as many library cards as you can
    • In California, this requires you to show up physically at library locations and present your ID
  • Get the libby app (iOS or Android)
    • Alternatively / in addition use the overdrive app on your computer
  • Register each library card with the libby app
  • Search for and place holds on any eBooks you want
  • When they’re available, simply choose the option to check out to Kindle, which will bring up a window for amazon and allow you to check out the library book

Using this method I’ve managed to read almost everything I want for free.

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