CCDE Topic: docs I found useful

CCDE Topic: docs I found useful

Step One: the written (read this even if you already passed!)

I found the written outline to be the most useful preparation not only for the written exam, but also the practical.  I went through all of the topics outlined and made sure I understood exactly what they were trying to get at.  Honestly, there were a number of items I had never heard of, so doing the research felt like I was accomplishing something.  I’ve posted a few of the written items on this blog, like What is the issue with re-marking and OoO packets? and What is fate sharing, and what is its impact?.

If you want to see more about the security portion of the written outline, be sure to check out this post too.

In case you can’t tell, I’m saying that even if you passed the written easily, you probably want to go back & make sure you understand everything that’s covered on the outline.

Step Two: the practical

This is the difficult part, but I’ll try to give a summary of what I found most useful for me.  Of course, you may already be an expert in one of these topics and won’t need to review it (but you probably should anyway).


High Availability Campus Network Design–Routed Access Layer using EIGRP or OSPF

Enterprise QoS Solution Reference Network Design

RFCs (in no particular order):

Multicast RFC1112


If you have access to the Partner Education Connection you’re in luck.  If not, your best bet is to check out elementK.  Your company may already have a subscription.  I’m sure there are others with equivalent training, but I’m speaking specifically about the path I took.

I took the online MPLS SE training, reviewed the Multicast training, and reviewed the EIGRP training.

I’ll go into the specific courses in a later post, as well as a book listing & the Cisco Live / Networkers materials I found useful.

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