I failed the CCDE… now what?

I checked the online certifications tracking tool and found out that I have failed my first attempt at the CCDE. What does this mean to me, and what am I going to do about it now?

I’ve already registered to sit for the next practical exam in August (Chicago, IL). This leaves me with roughly 4 months to prepare for the next attempt. While balancing other work obligations that cause me to learn fairly unrelated topics, how will I study and what will I study until then?

I’m going to review the SRND documents posted on CCO. I really haven’t given these a serious chance, with the limited exceptions of the document: Layer 3 Routed Access Layer, and Enterprise QoS. Both documents were useful, and I’m sure there are more useful SRND documents that I need to look at.

I’m going to reread Optimal Routing Design and Definitive MPLS Network Designs.

As everyone knows who has been preparing for this exam – it’s exceedingly difficult to study for, so that’s my tentative plan. I will most likely cram more material in there over the next 4 months, but it’s going to be very difficult as there are several competitive forces for my time. Specifically, summer in San Diego is going to be nice (as usual) and I’m currently supporting a major wireless deployment that has my time solidly booked up.

Regardless, I’m disappointed I didn’t pass the CCDE, but excited to deepen my understanding of network design.


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  1. Were the SRND's particularly helpful? Do you think you could write something up, like a two or three page guide as to what documents and books you reviewed you think really helped you pass the lab?


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