Took the CCDE Practical Exam Today

14 people in Chicago and 14 people in London took the test today.

First impressions:

1. It’s very, very difficult
2. I don’t think it’s “impossible”

However, I will caveat this with – I don’t really think I have a chance at passing.

In all, I had fun taking it. I’m mostly relieved to have had a chance to finally see what it was all about. I think Cisco has done a good job with this test.

There’s nothing I can say that has not already been posted/said before. If you haven’t gotten a chance, you should check out the demo posted on the Cisco learning network.

Now I wait – 6 to 8 weeks – for the results.


One thought on “Took the CCDE Practical Exam Today

  1. I was a candidate that took the exam in London.I have to agree, it was very tough, very long and intense…now for very long and intense wait for the results…Experience with a lot of different real-world and not-so-real-world design scenarios will definately count in your favour for this exam.


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