CCDE Written Outline Topic 4 : CMIP and TMN

A few notes from the Written Outline Topic of Management:

“Identify when use of CMIP is appropriate”

CMIP stands for Common Management Information Protocol and was designed for OSI-based network management. It was designed as a competitor to SNMP and supports the following:

  • The ability to perform tasks – as opposed to SNMP which can only perform SET and GET
  • Logging and AAA
  • Better reporting of network conditions


“Identify when use of TMN is appropriate”

TMN stands for Telecommunications Management Network

I found this on Wikipedia : “TMN can be used in the management of ISDN, B-ISDN, ATM, and GSM networks. It is not as commonly used for purely packet-switched data networks.”

TMN uses CMIP.

From what I’ve been able to gather, TMN and CMIP are appropriate for GSM and circuit-switched networks. I don’t know of any implementations for packet-switched networks. Anyone care to disagree?

TMN Tutorial


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