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I created a book list on Amazon which contains the books referenced in the CCDE roadmap. I am updating it to contain only the books which are in print. Of note, the Traffic Engineering with MPLS book (Osborne) was out of print. You’ll need to buy the paperback version for one that is in print.

MPLS and VPN Architectures (Pepelnjak) is also out of print. This book was very difficult to understand for me and I would not recommend it for a beginner. Either take a course in companion with this book or begin with a book like MPLS Fundamentals (DeGhein).

Advanced MPLS Design and Implementation is also out of print. This book received good reviews on Amazon, so I chose to leave it on the list.

Amazon book list.


One thought on “Updated book listing

  1. So anyone else out there feel that the official Cisco list is not really what we may want to be reading? Now some of the design books on the list are appropriate but didn’t they miss a few? Maybe an Eigrp Design book as well as Doyle’s OSPF/ISIS book which is great for design? Do I really need to read 5 MPLS books? Ok yes MPLS books are needed, but how many of those are still relavent and do they cover design? So yes given that Cisco has touted this as a vendor nuetral cert. it would be nice to see some non cisco press books added to the list as well as some books removed. My 2 cents


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